Other Services

Other Services

Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster Siding, Soffit and Fascia
Our roots are in roofing, but we understood that many of our clients in the property management, single family and multi-family home building industries are looking for a single source solution.
Marriott’s Roofing has a full line of services pertaining to siding, soffit, fascia and eaves trough. We have established high level quality and production capabilities to meet our customers’ demands.

There are many options for your as a homeowner when it comes to ‘covering’ your home.  In most cases, siding is an excellent choice as it provides many benefits, including:
  • Changing the appearance of your home
  • Making your home more energy efficient, and
  • Protecting your home from the elements 
You also have the option of adding insulation between your home and the siding, which will help to raise the R-value of your home.
At Marriott’s Roofing, we can work with you to choose the right products for your home and budget.  Marriott’s Roofing provides siding replacement services in the Greater Hamilton Area. 
Soffit and Fascia

Soffit is used to protect any exposed undersurface of exterior sections on your roof.  By using a ventilated soffit, we can ensure that your home will have the appropriate ventilation required from your Soffit to your Roof Vents.  This ensures that your heating and cooling costs are where they should be and that you roof can realize its proper life expectancy.

At Marriott’s Roofing, we do not use any store-bought Fascia products.  This ensures that all of our fascia is custom-made onsite and is custom-fit for your home, resulting in zero wood exposure.  This ensure that on a trough fascia, water will not penetrate the wood and will protect your home from mold and rot.  We can also include a pattern in the gable fascia to provide strength and add to the curb appeal of your home.
Eaves Trough

Eaves troughs are used to carry water away from your home.  Marriott’s Roofing uses a seamless system with larger downspouts to ensure that water is carried away from your home as quick as possible, without leakage.  We also provide you with options such as - installation of a leaf guard, which will help to eliminate the need of having to clean leaves from your eaves troughs.

Seamless eaves trough replacement is simple, efficient and affordable. 
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