Why Marriott’s?

Why Marriott's?

At Marriott’s Roofing we pride ourselves in, and have built our name on, providing remarkable roofing services and exceptional customer satisfaction. We listen to what our customers have to say and have built our value statement based on their feedback.  Here’s what you can expect when you hire Marriott’s Roofing:

1.       Honesty – We’ll be honest with you.  We’ll tell you if you need a new roof, and we’ll also tell you if you only need a repair.  We’ll never try to sell you something that you don’t need.  We look at every roof as if it’s our own and only recommend to you what we would do to our own house.

2.       Value – There are many roofing companies in Hamilton that operate out of the back of their truck.  These operators might cost you less in the beginning but will only cost you damage and more money in the long-term.  At Marriott’s Roofing we pride ourselves in providing great value for the work we do.  We don’t aspire to be the cheapest because being the cheapest generally means cutting corners.  We also don’t aspire to be the most expensive as we are lean in managing our operations.  What that means to you as the client is you’ll get the best quality at a reasonable and fair value.

3.       Quality – It doesn’t matter how good the product is that you use, in roofing installation and roofing repair it comes down to how good the installation is.  At Marriott’s Roofing our installers are some of the best in the business paying attention to even the most minor detail.  This is the way Chris was taught, and he expects the best of his team because he expects the same of himself.  This group of installers makes Marriott’s Roofing and, more importantly, your roof look great.

4.       Dependability – At Marriott’s Roofing we have come to know one term when it comes to describing ourselves – “Do what we say, and say what we do.”  You can trust that when Marriott’s Roofing says it will be there, that actually means we’ll be there.  And we’ll get your job done in a timely fashion and problem free to you as the home owner.

5.       Family Owned – Marriott’s Roofing has, and will always be, a family owned local roofing company.  We live where we work and are committed to the community.

6.       Trust – We recognize this is a significant investment of your hard earned money and we will work harder than the other roof repair companies to keep your trust in us.  We base our business on trust and respect, without which we don’t exist.


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