New Roof Construction

New Roof Construction
When you make the decision to have a home or building custom built, you want to be sure you have the best people, with the highest level of knowledge and skill, as part of your New Construction Team. At Marriott’s Roofing, we want to help you understand the ins and outs of roofing, including the products and options that are available to you. Ultimately, we are here to first provide you with guidance and advice and then build your new roof with the quality and labour you expect in your new home construction. 
Successful installation of a new roof starts at the review phase of a project’s plans and specifications. Our experienced team will review in detail all specifications and plan dimensions to ensure that proper cost and material coverage is achieved at time of estimate. We do not just read specifications; we analyze them for their accuracy and suitability for a particular project. Not all projects are created equal, and neither are the conditions in which the building will be exposed to over its life cycle.
Once awarded a project, Marriott’s Roofing will work with your project managers from an initial pre-site start up visit to review site conditions, from roof production and through project completion.  With extensive experience working with other trades in the sequencing of roof construction, our team will become a part of yours and work together to achieve successful completion of a project.
Marriott’s Roofing is already the choice for one of Hamilton’s best home builders, Robinson Homes, let us be the choice for your New Home Construction too.
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